First Time Driver Class offers the 4-Hour Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE) course to new drivers in the state of Florida. The course is completely online and your certificate will be sent electronically to the DMV offices. We also offer the DMV Permit test. You can do everything from the convenience of your computer. Get started now by clicking the Register Now button.
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  About Our Course :  

Chapter 1


Chapter 2


Section 1: Responsibilities as a Driver

Section 2: Statistics about teen drivers

Section 3: Driving distractions

Section 4: Safety on the road and vehicle safety equipment


Section 1: Physiological Factors of alcohol and drugs on the body

Section 2: Major classifications of drugs and their short and long                    term effects upon the body

Section 3: Alcohol, drugs and driving

Chapter 3   Chapter 4

Section 1: Psychological factors of alcohol and drugs on driving

Section 2: How impaired drivers affect others

Section 3: Avoiding and preventing drinking and driving

Section 4: Dealing with stress and fatigue


Section 1: Graduated licensing and insurance requirements

Section 2: Zero tolerance, implied consent laws and DUI penalties

Section 3: Point system

Section 4: Basic driving laws

Section 5: Safe driving techniques

Final Exam    
40 Question Multiple choice/True/False exam

( Student must answer a minimum of 32 questions correct to pass the final exam )




A 5 question quiz will appear at the end of each section.  The quizzes are only given to help you prepare for the final exam.  The quizzes do not determine if you pass or fail the course.  The only official test is the final exam.


You must spend a minimum of 60 minutes in each chapter.  This is a state requirement.  If you have completed the chapter in less than 60 minutes, please wait until your clock at the bottom of the page reaches 0 minutes.  After your clock reaches 0 minutes, you can continue to the next chapter.

Security Questions

During the course you will be required to answer the Identification questions that you answered when you registered.  The questions will pop up periodically during the chapters.

Student Inactivity

Our course is designed to be interactive with the students.  If you are not actively reading the materials in the chapter our program will automatically log you out of the course.  You will be required to call our office.

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